Tenant Testimonials

What our tenants have to say

Mike Bail, Tenant
“My experience with ShipRock Management has been extremely positive.  I have had the pleasure to interact with people from nearly every facet of their team, and their entire staff has been absolutely wonderful to deal with.  I have been very impressed with their professionalism, attentiveness, diligence and friendliness.  Having been a homeowner for 20+ years, I was initially concerned that my expectations for prompt attention to service issues may have been too high, but I found their maintenance team to be very quick to respond, conscientious and knowledgeable. They always gave me plenty of notice whenever they needed to enter my home and made sure I was completely satisfied with the work they did, rather than do just enough to appease me short-term.  In many cases, I found the entire crew at ShipRock willing to go above and beyond what I thought they were required to do, and I have really appreciated their efforts.”

Lisa Silver, Tenant
“Just wanted to thank you gals at ShipRock Management for being so awesome! I absolutely love the house I am renting, and I also love the management company too! You all have been so wonderful to work with! So thank you very very much for making my life so much more enjoyable.”

Jennifer Smith, Tenant
“I have enjoyed my time living in one of your rental properties. I appreciated your helpful and prompt maintenance staff. I am moving out of the state, but if I had stayed in this area, I would have continued to rent through your company. I would definitely recommend you to friends. Thank you for all your great service the past year.”

Deb Peterson, Neighbor of a ShipRock Rental Home
“Thank you for quickly addressing the furnace vent next door and for providing an excellent referral to Kaski Construction. He was thoughtful and addressed my concerns honestly and professionally. You have made our holiday season brighter!”

Deb Stanger, Tenant
“ShipRock recently purchased my building and have have already updated many things.  They have installed a new roof, cleaned up the common areas, updated many apartments and provided additional lighting in the parking lot. They have accomplished more in one month than our previous landlord did in two years! .”

Josh Leisen and Joy Hepokoski, Tenants
“We really loved living here and it was a pleasure working with all of you. Laura, you are awesome! ShipRock must have tons of tenants throughout Duluth but we always felt like we were important to you. Thank you!”

Molly Johnson, Tenant
“Typically, when one approaches one’s landlords seeking changes, the word that best comes to mind is “tentative”, however, there is no need to be fearful when dealing with the ShipRock team. Pleasant and accommodating, the entire staff is just a phone call away when any problem should arise. My dealings with them have always left me feeling that the situation was resolved both a timely and fair manner. I look forward to a relationship with them for years to come.”
Thank You Very Much!

Angela Mejia, Tenant
“I have had an extremely positive experience with ShipRock Management. I left Duluth after college and recently returned after getting a job offer here in the Northland. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism of the staff as they showed me the options they had available on short notice. They helped me find the perfect apartment based off of apartment size, location and price range. When I have had any maintenance issues they have been quick to respond as well as giving me plenty of notice when they need to enter my apartment for inspections or repairs. I am a satisfied renter and would like to thank everyone at ShipRock for such a wonderful rental experience!”

James Ratajek, Tenant
“This is my first year renting from ShipRock Management and I plan to continue renting from them for the remainder of my college career in Duluth and beyond.  The office staff is  friendly, helpful and always willing to take the time to help with any concerns or issues that arise.  The maintenance department is knowledgeable and helpful with any questions I have had.  I would highly recommend renting from ShipRock Management.”

Maria G., Tenant
“I have really enjoyed my time renting through Shiprock because they provided a very open environment. If I ever had a question I could call them and they would promptly give me a response or help me find what I am looking for; customer service is definitely one of their finer points. I rented from them for two years and if we ever had a maintenance request they attended to us as soon as possible, which is a big deal when your sink is clogged or your power goes out. On top of that, they are one of the few places I have found to be connected through technology, it was simple paying rent through their online site and I never had to worry about if my check made it in the mail. It may seem like a trivial thing but after moving to a new place, I have noticed how lucky I was to have a company that allowed online payments. All in all, the people who work at Shiprock are kind and helpful and I am glad I spent my college years renting through them.”

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