About Us

Our Mission

ShipRock Management excels in property management by providing excellent communication, reliable maintenance, timely reports and tenant screening. Additionally, we offer 24-hour emergency service, clean units and proactive responses to our tenants.

Our Core Values

We feel that integrity is essential in real estate. Consequently, we’re dedicated to the following values:

  • Fair-Minded – In our industry fairness is essential, and at ShipRock it reflects who we are. There is never a perfect science when managing the needs of both property owners and tenants, but we feel strongly that being fair is a key to our success.
  • Dedication – When a person is dedicated to their work it shows. We feel it is important for people to find value in their employment and be dedicated to the service they provide. At ShipRock we want owners and tenants to experience our dedication through each and every team member in our organization.
  • Go-Getter – In order to deliver on our commitment to service, we need employees who are natural Go-Getters. In this industry there is a lot of nuance, every situation is different. We strive to hire people that need little direction and understand what it takes to get the job done.
  • Reliable Communication – Housing can be an emotional experience for many, so tenants need to know they are valued. And owners need to feel comfort in knowing their investment is professionally managed. The best way to deliver on this commitment is through communication. Constant, reliable, and thoughtful communication.
  • Continuous Improvement to Growth – As people, it is important to reflect on what’s important in our lives. We look at our company like a family and we want what’s best for everyone. Personal, company, and community growth are a part of what we feel are a happy and fulfilling life.

Our Goals

  • To provide landlords a streamlined approach to their investments
  • To become a trusted source for home rental throughout the community
  • To maintain a respectful, challenging and rewarding environment for our employees
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