Tenant FAQ

Finding Your Place

What is your application process?

  1. Find a listing
  2. Schedule a tour
  3. Submit an application
  4. Get approved
  5. Sign your lease
  6. Pay your security deposit ,set up tenant web access, utilities and rent payments
  7. Pick up your keys and move-in

What do you have available?

Available homes and apartments can be viewed on our properties page, Showmojo, Apartments.com and many more!

How can I schedule a showing?

You schedule a showing two ways! Use the link provided on the listing or give us a call at 218-740-3800, we would be more than happy to schedule a showing for you.

Do you have anything available for next May or June?

Here is when homes and apartments typically hit the market each year. First come first serve! Missed your window? Don’t stress, a few properties come on Market in the Spring.

4+ Bedrooms – November and December
3 Bedrooms – December and January
2 Bedrooms – January and February
1 Bedrooms – February and March


What are your rental requirements and qualifications?

Proof of income – we require tenants to have a combined monthly income of 3x the monthly rent.

Criminal History – A felony within the past 10 years is ground for denial, multiple misdemeanors can also be grounds for denial.

Rental History – We require 2 years of rental history, outstanding payments and negative rental references typically result in denial.

What is your pet policy?

At our pet-friendly properties, we charge monthly pet rent that varies based on a user-created pet profile. After being approved by our office Fido can rest easy in his new home. Unauthorized pets are subject to fines, please refer to your lease.

How much is the security deposit?

Security deposits are typically equal to one month’s rent, but please refer to the listing or contact our office for the exact amount

What are your lease lengths?

Our leases are almost always a few days short (to allow for maintenance and cleaning in between tenants) of 12 months, with a few exceptions. Exceptions will be noted on listings and leases.

What is a co-signer, do I need one? Can I get one?

A co-signer is required for Students under the age of 25 without 2 years of rental history and 1 year of full-time employment. Co-Signer information is submitted in the application process, first and last name, relationship and contact information.

Technology Fee

You can schedule showings, sign your lease, pay your rent, and submit maintenance requests online! To offer this service a $6.95 technology fee is added to each account. 

Can I have a copy of my lease?

Yes, you can view and download your lease from the “Notes” section of your Tenant Web Access. Click or tap “view all history” then find your lease and download using the icon on the left.


How do I pay my rent?

Yes, rent is paid through your Tenant Web Access. You can also submit maintenance requests, view your lease and balances.

When is my rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st of every month. Late charges are posted on the 5th, typically $25. *See your lease for specifics.


Which utilities do I pay?

Listings and leases specify which utilities a tenant is responsible for.

How do I setup utilities?

Utility information

Duluth – Electric is setup with MN Power

All other utilities in Duluth are setup with Comfort Systems

Superior – Utilities are setup through Superior Water, Light and Power

St. Cloud – Electric is paid through Xcel Energy

What is a ratio utility billing system(rubs)?

A Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) is a popular utility management solution. It is used to determine a monthly utility payment for residents, dividing usage among residents based on a set criteria. These criteria include things like square footage, occupancy, and the number of bedrooms & bathrooms to determine a fair monthly price.

Maintenance and Repairs

Have a maintenance emergency? Heat not working?

Call our 24-hour emergency service – 218.740.3800!

Leaky faucet? Broken appliance? Backed up drain?

Maintenance requests can be made through your Property Meld Profile. After you’ve logged in, click the link “Create Meld” in the top right corner, and you will be able to write a brief description of your issue along with other pertinent details. Please report all maintenance issues in one “Meld” this saves you and us time!

Don’t forget to attach photos, let us know if you have pets and check the box “Allowed to enter”, it gets the work done faster!

Who mows the lawn?

Lawn care is provided at all* of our multi-unit buildings; apartments, duplexes, triplexes, etc. And lawn care is typically provided at single family homes. Please review your lease in Tenant Web Access to see specifically.

Who shovels the snow?

Snow removal is provided at all* of our multi-unit buildings; apartments, duplexes, triplexes, etc. Snow removal is not typically provided at single family homes. Please review your lease in the Tenant Web Access to see specifically.

Can I paint a room/s in my house/apartment?

Any changes or modifications to a unit need to approved by the Maintenance Department. Usually this means agreeing on a color and signing an addendum.

Moving-in and Moving-out

What do I have to do before I move-in?

Before you pick up your keys you need to have your first month’s rent paid and utilities setup. Don’t forget to fill out your move-in checklist!

Will I get my full security deposit back?

Deductions are made to security deposits to cover damages to a property. Care for the place like it’s yours and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Security deposits are returned within 21 days of a tenant’s lease end date. Any deductions/charges will be detailed with the return statement.

What do I need to do when moving-out?

Notify ShipRock in writing at least two full calendar months before your lease end date – Schedule a pre-move out inspection – Clean and clear your apartment of all belongings – Turn in your keys!

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