Staying Warm in the Duluth Winter (Without Going Broke)

Staying warm in the Duluth winter without going broke

If this isn’t your first winter living in Duluth, you know that the winters can be one of the most challenging seasons despite the beautiful landscape right out your front door. With what sometimes feel like Arctic temperatures, staying warm and keeping your energy bills down can be difficult.

As a renter, it’s important to stay safe and warm during the winter. It’s also important not to spend all of your money on utilities. Our tips will help you learn how to conserve energy, save money, and stay warm in your Duluth rental during a frigid winter.

Wear Layers and Bundle Up

It may seem like common sense, but when you spend your time indoors, it’s easy to forget to wear layers. Turning down your heat and wearing layers can result in significant savings on your utility bills.

Start by wearing a thermal base layer made out of synthetic fibers or wool (this will wick away moisture and keep you warm). Invest in a few nice pairs of wool socks and bundle up as you usually would during the wintertime. Don’t forget to cover up with an extra blanket when you’re lounging around at home.

Cover Your Windows With Plastic

Once winter arrives, you won’t have any reason to open a window, so putting plastic over your windows can help keep your living space warmer. Even homes and apartments with relatively new windows benefit from having plastic set over them. You’ll see plenty of housing in Duluth, MN with plastic over their windows, and for good reason.

One of the great things about window kits is that they only cost around $10. It’s a quick and easy project that requires no tools or skills (just a hairdryer).

Turn Down Your Heat at Night and When You’re Not Home

The United States Department of Energy says that you can save approximately ten percent each year on your heat bill by just turning down your thermostat. About 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours will do.

Are you worried that you might get too cold at night? Buy a set of flannel sheets and double up on the blankets. Research shows that it’s healthier to sleep in a cooler bedroom, so not only will you save some money but you’ll be benefiting your health.

If you plan on being away for the weekend, turn down your heat just as you would at night. If your home or apartment has a programmable thermostat, it’s easy to “set it and forget it.”

Let The Sun Warm Your Living Space

Sunny days may be few and far between during a Duluth winter. Take advantage of when the sun is shining! Open your shades and let the sun warm up your living space. Don’t forget to close the shades after the sun goes down to trap in the heat.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fan

If your apartment has a ceiling fan, as most rentals in Duluth, MN do, using it during the winter can help to keep your living space warm.

  • Turn your ceiling fan on low
  • Make sure that the blades are rotating clockwise

These tips will help push warm air back down and away from the ceiling.

Keep Doors Closed To Rooms You Don’t Use

Keeping doors closed, and even the heat vents closed, to rooms that you rarely use, such as a spare bedroom or a home office, can help the rest of your living space stay warm without having to turn up the thermostat.

Have All Issues Fixed Immediately

If you have tried all of our energy saving tips and suspect that your heat source is not working correctly, submit a maintenance request. Management will assess your concerns first hand.

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